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No Match
"Beverly Tarr is a family law mediator who has no match. She is immensely likable, well spoken, and amazingly capable. Clients love working with her. Beverly single-handedly changed the face of family law mediation in Chicago by making it acceptable and successful. She is an amazing force of nature. "
Hon. Judge
Ideal Mediation Model
"In my opinion, Beverly’s mediation model should be the model followed by all divorce mediators internationally, although it would likely be difficult for many to replicate her intellect, creativity and empathy for the parties as they move through a very difficult process."
Exceeding Expectations
"It was a pleasure working with you today. As I mentioned, I have heard such great things about you, and you exceeded my expectations."
Invaluable Help
"Thank you for your brilliant expertise in handling our situation. Your help was invaluable."
Referring Friends
"I just gave your name to a friend yesterday. Hope she will call you. I am a fan!"
Highly-Skilled, Seasoned Professional
"After watching you I now understand the true power of paying a highly-skilled, seasoned professional. It was impressive and... comforting. I know the skill and expertise comes with the higher sticker price and I am grateful. What may have been a no-brainer for you could easily have been a nightmare for me had I chosen a different mediator. I share this with you because I feel strongly about expressing gratitude: it makes me feel good about me and hopefully reminds anew that your high skills that might feel rote sometimes is so valuable and so helpful and at such an enormous and monumental level. Also? You really have to be excellent at math and using a calculator. Wow. Who knew."
Release of Burden
"The psychological freedom I felt was truly priceless! The biggest gift you gave to me was the release from the psychological burden of further worry about the unknown, the unknown outcome of a trial, and the significant loss of productivity that would have inevitably resulted. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and persistence you put forth. I am truly grateful and deeply appreciative of everything you have done. You are truly life changing."
Appreciated by Attorneys and Clients
"It was a pleasure doing business with you. I know my client is appreciative as well."
Moving Forward
"I cannot thank you enough Beverly, for so many things. Helping us moving through a very emotional and most difficult time; helping us in overcoming overwhelming emotions and helping the both of us to move forward and on top of everything, never letting us lose sight of what was the most critical part of us agreeing and coming together: our children. We will never be able to thank you enough Beverly."
Smooth, Bright, Compassionate, and Quick
"I have been involved with mediations before, have been an Arbitrator, and have been an Expert in several hundred litigated matters. Bottom line - you are smooth, bright, compassionate and quick. More important you are effective. I enjoyed and learned from the experience and am happy the parties can move on in their lives."
Financial Neutral
Unwavering Admiration
"It’s not just the process – which I am 100 percent committed to – but even more, it’s my unwavering admiration of YOUR talent and skill."
Forming Responsibility
"Thank you very much. You are creating a safe place where shared connections and responsibility are forming. There is no way we could do this ourselves."
Thorough and Insightful
"I wanted to write and thank you for your time, effort and results during our mediation on Monday. You were thorough, insightful, challenging and thoughtful, and worked tirelessly to get us much further along than I honestly thought possible. You brought some new perspectives to my way of thinking, and I appreciate that. You are a pleasure to work with."
Expertise, Reasoned Approach
"I wanted to thank you for your expertise, reasoned approach, and lovely demeanor throughout the events of yesterday. Having the “business” aspect addressed will allow me to focus on healing from the loss of my marriage."
Heal and Move Forward
"Thanks, Beverly. Awesome job. Now we can heal and move forward and not hurt our children any more than is necessary."
Trusted Guidance
"I do not know how to put into words how grateful I am for your expertise and guidance through our day of mediation. I just wanted to simply say Thank You. I will always remember how cared for I felt and how I instantly trusted you."
The Right Choice
"Thanks again for all of your efforts in making our divorce as painless and quick as possible. The mediation approach was the right choice and I’d recommend it to others.”