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Our Process

Free No Obligation


The parties contact our Case Manager and schedule a free no obligation consultation with our mediators. There is no preparation required for this consultation and we endeavor to work around schedules to ensure a time that works for all. The parties attend the consultation together at our offices, unless specifically requested otherwise, so they can learn about the process together. However, video consultations are provided when parties are traveling. This is an opportunity for each party to ask any questions about the process and/or the mediator. The consultation helps the parties manage expectations and assists in building trust with the mediator. In the event the parties wish to proceed with the mediation they would each independently confirm they wish to move ahead.

Role of the Attorneys

The role of the attorneys depends on the case itself.  The mediator, in discussion with the parties, decides the level of the involvement of the attorneys.

An attorney does not need to be retained prior to the consultation

Providing a Roadmap


We mediate both parenting and financial issues.  The time table to address all issues is determined during a case management meeting that can occur in person or via video conference between the mediator and the attorneys or the mediator and the parties.  We discuss the structure of the process and how that structure can be crafted to best serve the needs of the clients.  The following are likely areas to be considered: where the parties are emotionally, processing abilities, are shorter or longer sessions needed for clients and/or attorneys, likely number of sessions, and whether mental health professionals are to be utilized at any stage in or out of the mediation room.  After discussing the needs of the case, the mediator then provides a roadmap. 

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Mediation Sessions

The number of sessions will have been determined during the case management meeting. However, this process has the ability to be flexible, as and when needed.   There is a mediators opening statement and an informal discussion with both of the parties in the room at the same time.  The parties are then placed into different rooms on at least one occasion and then brought back together when the mediator deems it appropriate.  The mediator then drives the process of generating options and testing the reality of those options.  Hopefully, after options have been discussed, the mediator assists the parties on to actually forming an agreement.

After Mediation

At the conclusion of the mediation the mediator drafts a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) within 48 hours of the sessions.  The MOU details the terms of the agreement.  After the MOU has been formatted into the Parenting Agreement and the Marital Settlement Agreement (financial agreement) a Signing Day is scheduled.  This is the day the final legal documents are signed and are then entered into the court.