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Mediating Family Law Issues to Successful Resolutions.

Since 2004 we have handled over 4,000 mediations, both parenting and financial in nature, from small estates to highly complex financial landscapes. 99% of these cases have resulted in settlement, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

Certified Divorce Mediation is a practice dedicated exclusively to mediating family law and matrimonial issues including property division, spousal support, child support, parental responsibilities, parenting schedules, relocation, and more. Our objective is to help you and your family reach lasting and creative agreements outside of the courtroom using efficient problem-solving techniques.

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We Fit the needs of the parties and the family system.

Each family brings with them their own unique dynamic. Our approach to mediation is to adapt the process to best fit each couple’s needs. We help facilitate successful settlements where the parties are the decision makers.

Wealth of Experience

Certified Divorce Mediators has been at the forefront in mediating large and intricate financial estates. We take great pride in our 99% success rate!

Internationally Recognized

Widely regarded as international and national specialists, our mediators often speak on world stages.

Personalized Service

We recognize every case is different and work to address the specific needs and interests of each party.

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In-Person or Online Meetings. Reduce Travel Time and Costs.

Accepting Clients Anywhere in the US or Around the World.

Certified Divorce Mediation can meet with you either in-person or through online meetings, eg. Zoom. We accept clients located anywhere in the US or across the world.  The advantages to online meetings are:

  1. Logistical ease
  2. Convenience
  3. Emotional benefits
  4. Less confrontation
  5. Technology provides for joint sessions and individual rooms
  6. Collectively review documents in real time
  7. Scheduling streamlined

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