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Established in 2004, Certified Divorce Mediation, is a divorce mediation firm specializing in all forms of mediation relating to family issues.  Located in downtown Chicago, the firm has completed over 2,000 mediations with 95% of cases reaching an agreement. Unlike the traditional mediation approach, our mediators tailor each experience to best fit the couples needs.  Our unique model is easily adaptable to fit any parties needs.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation is a legal process that is part of a broad field known as "alternative dispute resolution" (ADR).  The alternative refers to an alternative to litigation. However, mediation is a legal process, but unlike litigation, mediation is held in a private and confidential setting outside of the courthouse. An independent third party neutral, namely the mediator, facilitates negotiation between the parties to help create an agreement they can both live with and move on.  In essence mediation is assisted negotiation. To learn more about the mediation process click here.  

What Makes Us Different?

Our process is tailored to the needs of each individual case. In addition to our unique approach, we offer a no obligation free consultation with our mediators. Unlike other firms, a retainer is not required to secure our services. 

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