Introduction to Beverly Tarr

Beverly Tarr, the founder of Certified Divorce Mediation, LLC, is an internationally renowned mediator. In her 16 years mediating she has conducted over 1,700 mediations with 99% of cases reaching an agreement. With both extraordinary financial and interpersonal skills, Ms. Tarr empowers her clients to successfully reach resolution. In this video, Ms. Tarr explains her mediation model and process. The transcript to this video can be found here

About Us

Beverly Tarr

 Beverly Tarr is the Founder of 

Certified Divorce Mediation, LLC. She was appointed as a UK Barrister (trial attorney) in 1995 and conducted some 1,200 trials. Since 2002 her focus has been solving complex matrimonial mediation using collaborative problem solving techniques.  She has 

created a unique private setting that provides an unparalleled level of service. Her offices are located next to the Daley Center in Downtown Chicago where she offers an efficient, effective, and constructive process to assist you in reaching a settlement. Ms. Tarr has a wealth of experience and specializes in all aspects of divorce mediation and marital mediation. She has conducted over 1,700 family mediations in Illinois with 99% of cases reaching an agreement. Read more about

 her background here.

International Recognition

Ms. Tarr is recognized as an expert internationally in her field and was selected as a keynote speaker for the World Mediation Summit in Madrid in 2014 and 2016. In addition, Ms. Tarr was internationally recognized during her presentation at the World Mediation Organization in Berlin in 2015 and in Greece the same year. She specifically addresses the conferences on her unique model and highly sought after alternative dispute strategies.She is widely regarded as an international and national advocate of the mediation process. She has developed a reputation, as her testimonials demonstrate, for integrity, intellect, and insight. Her significant experience enables her to work with challenging personal dynamics often present during a divorce. Her open and effective communication techniques address perceived imbalances of power between parties. She is adept at navigating complicated and sophisticated economic landscapes to assist both parties in understanding 

their realistic options

Financial Expertise

Ms. Tarr is a respected mediator who combines business acumen with unparalleled interpersonal skills. Her advanced financial expertise and skillful management of the parties and/or the attorneys allows for the optimal environment for lasting resolution. She is able to adapt to the needs of the individuals and their personal, emotional, and financial situation.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Experience

Custody and Parenting Time

  • Parental Alienation
  • Protection Orders
  • Removal Out of State/Country
  • Children’s educational/behavioral issues​
  • Same Sex Couples​


  • Family support and maintenance
  • Marital vs. Non-marital
  • Valuations including real estate, businesses, art, unique collections
  • Distribution of assets and debts
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Trusts
  • Education

Collaborative Approach

Ms. Tarr’s approach also allows for isolated issues to be determined in mediation e.g. disclosure, pre-nups, trusts, relocation, education. She adopts a collaborative approach drawing on an extensive pool of resources including but not limited to financial neutrals, child therapists, family therapists, educational consultants, appraisers, and business evaluators, who may be required to assist in helping the parties to make informed decisions.

Timing and Process

 Divorce mediation does not need to be a long, drawn-out process. Ms. Tarr hopes to resolve all issues within one to two sessions in a relaxed and informal environment. This finite period often focuses objectives and narrows down the important issues. It also eases the emotional stress frequently associated with disputes. However whilst the process is structured it is also flexible to the needs of the clients. There are some cases that will need shorter periods over more days in order to help the parties work in a more effective capacity. ​
Concerns regarding follow through of an agreement are met during Ms. Tarr’s process by ensuring the couples have a “Signing Day,” where the final documents are signed and then entered with the Court. Learn more about the process here.



  • World Mediation Summit; Madrid, Spain: Lead Speaker, 2016
  • World Mediation Organization Symposium; Berlin, Germany: Lead Speaker, 2015
  • The Hellenic Mediation Society (ELPIDIA); Nafplio, Greece: Guest Speaker, 2015
  • World Mediation Summit; Madrid, Spain: Lead Speaker, 2014 
  • Certified Mediator for both the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR)
  • Accredited by the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute in divorce/family mediation
  • Judge for National and International Mediation Competitions
  • Guest Speaker at divorce conferences and seminars
  • Awarded a 2006 Elite Award for Outstanding Dedication and Exemplary Performance from CCR
  • Certified trainer of mediators for CCR and NAR
  • Finalist for the CEDR Awards for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), 2006
  • Appeared in Chicago magazine - August 2007 edition, Divorce: It's Ex-Pensive
  • Member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators (AAM) - Chicago Chapter
  • Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, Center for Conflict Resolution and Center for Effective Dispute Resolution
  • Member of the Mediation Council of Illinois (MCI)
  • Member of the Illinois Bar Association
  • Member of the Bar of England and Wales
  • Barrister (Trial Attorney) - called to the Bar 1995 
  • Awarded Scholarship for Bar School

Marital Mediation

 An alternative to divorce is marital mediation. This is a practical alternative for couples who wish to stay married and work on resolving disputes within their marriage. Ms. Tarr assists the parties to be creative problem solvers and develop a concrete plan on moving forward together. 

Mediation Model

 A successful mediator is objective, independent and listens to the parties. It is the parties and not the mediator who control the outcome. As your mediator, Ms. Tarr's goal is to create an environment that is conducive to effective communication and to convey each parties' views in a way that they will be heard and considered. She hopes to create opportunities for the parties to look at various options for them to be able to make a final decision. She is only too aware of the burden of divorce litigation, having been a UK barrister (trial attorney) for twelve years. The swift and confidential nature of mediation also ensures parties avoid excessive costs, stress and adverse publicity often generated in court. The parties are able to get closure and certainty as to the outcome. It is Ms. Tarr's practice not to involve the children during any stage of the mediation and therefore avoid them being drawn into the divorce process. Learn more about Ms. Tarr's mediation model here

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